The Bad Guys Reign of Chaos 2019

The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys Reign of Chaos

The Bad Guys Reign of Chaos is a 2019 South Korean action comedy film directed by Son Yun-ho, which is based on the OCN popular drama series Bad Guys. The film features Ma Dongseok as well as Kim Sangjoong and Kim Ahjoong. The Bad Guys Reign of Chaos HD

The Bad guys starts with Park Woongcheol who is currently serving 28 years in prison because he was responsible for the murder of his closest friend. Although he is a respected fighter Ko Yoosung is also a former police officer. However, the fighter is quick to put him in the same position as. In the course of an inmate transport that Yoo-sung and the con artist Kwak No-soon are also members of, a number of policemen are killed , and the boss of a former gangster is freed, who wanted to be able to prove the true leader behind his organization. Oh Goo Tak, the former boss of an unusual Special Forces unit, is hired again in order to capture the boss of the gangster, as well as other criminals who are fugitives.

In order to do that, Oh hires Woong-Cheol, Yoo-Sung to capture them since the group is permitted to bend the law. If they catch them, they will be released from jail with a reduced sentence. The team soon captures No-soon. No-soon is soon made an official member of the team because she is a valuable source of information that helps the team in capturing the escaped prisoners. Woong-cheol still has a grudge to settle with the boss of the gangster. And it turns out that the men who released gangster’s boss are stronger than the special unit, but the gang manages to capture them along with their leader and hand them over to the police. In accordance with the promises made by Oh the gang, they are released from jail and are allowed to leave to start a new life.

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