Guardians (2017) โคตรคนการ์เดี้ยน


During the Cold War, a secret organization called “Patriot” gathers a team of Soviet superheroes, altering and augmenting the DNA of many selected individuals to defend the motherland from superhuman threats. The team is comprised of people from the Soviet Union. Arseniy (codenamed Arsus) can transform into an enormous massive, extremely powerful bear-man. Temirkhan is codenamed Khan is a super-fast fighter and wields a pair of curving swords. Ler is codenamed Lernik and has the ability of controlling stones and earth. In addition, Xenia can become invisible underwater.

Module-1 failed, and the program succeeds. This leads Professor Avgust Kuratov (Stanislav Schirin), the creator of Module-1 to run away to the an isolated wilderness area to carry on his experiments. When the military is called to detain him, he blows up the Patriot lab, but escapes because he was covered with certain chemicals. He rebuilds his body, making himself into a cyborg. He now has the ability to manage and produce electricity. He also created an army of clones of himself and is determined to prove to the world that he’s a genius. After the explosion, Arsus, Ler, Khan, and Xenia remain in hiding for several years.

Today, several walking robots that were utilized in training exercises go against their bosses and get killed. This leads to the Ministry of Defence having a meeting and deciding to revive the Patriot group under the direction of Major Elena Larina and to locate their missing super agents. They discover Ler sitting in a meditation in Armenia; Khan living in the steppes of Kazakhstan; Arsus in a remote cabin located in northern Siberia; and Xenia performing tricks in the circus in Moscow. They are taken prisoner after they raid Kuratov’s lab in the old plant.

Kuratov offers to let the Guardians to join the group, but they reject. He is furious and keeps three Guardians within a magnetic field, and later injured Ler. Later, he goes to Noginsk and is in control of tanks and other vehicles. Using them, he launches an invasion of Moscow and makes preparations to utilize the Ostankino Tower and the Federation Tower for his Module-2 Project. To take control of the entire technology, he plans to send out a signal using an older Soviet satellite. To protect his beacon tower, he makes use of forcefields to eliminate jet fighters sent to him. Kuratov strangles Major General Nikolai Dolgov to death after the general asks Kuratov to pay him the reward.

Major Elena releases the other members of Kuratov’s team. She assigns Kuratov’s former rival to investigate one of Kuratov’s clones. The problem is that the true Kuratov unleashes poison gas to kill him. Arsus as well as the other Guardians are trained in the Patriots’ facility and are given suits and weapons.

The Guardians journey towards Moscow: Xenia, Arsus and Ler advance through the streets. Ler defeats several soldiers in an underground car park. Khan uses an aircraft to attempt to fly over Kuratov’s force field. They go into a shopping mall and cross an iron bar that connects it to the tower beacon. But, they are attacked by Kuratov’s soldiers with a different pipe. Khan leaps off the airplane and swings on an axe line, which cuts the pipe, causing Kuratov’s troops to drop.

As the other Guardians attempt to find a way to destroy the power source for Kuratov’s beacon Xenia grabs the power source in order to short circuit it. Although she is hurt however, she is able to block the beacon’s transmissions temporarily and causes the force field to fall. Kuratov is defeated by the Guardians again however they are unable to defeat him. Khan uses his super-speed to tie all of the Guardians to grappling ropes and then attach the rope to an airplane for escape. Kuratov is able to interfere with the plane’s control, however, Khan cuts the grappling rope, and they fall into a river before the plane crashes.

As they emerge from the water, they think of going back to Kuratov’s beacon to destroy it and eliminate Kuratov However, Major Elena arrives and tells them not to. They are told that as superhumans they are able to combine their power to unleash it in blasts, however this could be fatal. The Guardians touch each other and unleash an energy blast which destroys the Kuratov’s tower as well as the buildings that are supporting it, and causes Kuratov to plunge to his death. Major Elena claims that Kuratov claimed he invented Guardians however they were actually created by themselves.

The Guardians get back to normal and are reunited with Major Elena in rebuilt Moscow. Although they choose to return to normal life, they also consider keeping their commitment to the Patriot organization. Elena informs them before they leave that she has found “other Guardians.” Elena can be seen attacking an officer in a post-credits scene after his truck has been stopped. The soldier is questioned by Elena and he tells her that Ferrum assigned him to an unspecified mission.


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