Vertical Limit 2000

Vertical Limit (2000) ไต่เป็นไต่ตาย

Vertical Limit Peter Garrett and Annie Garrett are separated while climbing in Monument Valley. Their father, Royce, is killed. Peter is forced to let Royce go after two climbers in the fall are spotted hanging from the family. Three years later, Peter has retired from climbing, however Annie has gained fame as a climber. Their relationship is not as smooth since Annie is still blaming Peter for Royce’s death. Peter is reunited with Annie at the K2 base camp, where Annie is planning to summit attempt on K2. Elliot Vaughn, a wealthy industrialist, finances the expedition. Vaughn, Annie, Vaughn and Ali Nazir are part of the team.

The night prior to the climb Vaughn throws a party. Montgomery Wick, the most prominent K2 expert, interrupts the event and confronts Vaughn. It is later discovered Wick’s wife, who was an expedition guide, died during the last expedition Vaughn led. Vaughn says Wick’s wife passed away from an embolism in her lungs following the time the supply of Dexamethasone was destroyed by the storm. Wick denies that and was able to search for his wife’s remains. During the present climb, Vaughn is able to force McLaren to go on despite an alert on the radio from the base camp of the approaching storm. Vaughn and Annie are trapped in a crevasse after an avalanche. Two others who survived are also killed. The radio contact has been lost, but Peter hears Annie by using static codes to signal that they’re alive. Peter creates a rescue group, which includes Wick. After a dangerous helicopter drop-off, the teams are assigned and each pair picks a different route to increase their chances of being successful. To get the crevasse’s entrance clear the pair is outfitted with a container containing explosive Nitroglycerine. Vertical Limit HD

When Cyril falls off balance at the edge of a rock, Monique and Cyril have to endure a terrifying incident. As Monique attempts to save him their nitro canister tumbles over the cliff and explodes creating another avalanche. Monique survives but Cyril does not. In the military station, the nitroglycerine containers are exposed to sunlight and explode. Base camp advises the troops that they should relocate their nitro canisters to the shade. Malcolm and Kareem do this, however, the canister spills out into the sun which triggers an explosion that will kill them. Underground, McLaren has been severely injured and is now without a dosage of dexamethasone. Annie has a dex shared with him, but Vaughn isn’t interested. Annie risks her life in order to access Ali’s backpack. She manages to obtain more dex, however Vaughn states that, since McLaren will likely not make it through, he and Annie should keep the dex to themselves.

Wick discovers his wife’s corpse following the explosions that shook some of the ice. The dex container that is empty indicates that Vaughn lied and stole her dex, which ensured his own survival while leaving his wife dead. Monique, Peter, and Wick are sleeping in the camp in the dark for the night. Peter is concerned about Wick who seems more intent on retribution than in saving the survivors. Annie sleeps in the crevasse. Vaughn then kills McLaren with a syringe filled with air to ensure that McLaren doesn’t have to do more agility. Wick awakes to find that Peter and Monique are gone. Annie and Vaughn are able to identify the crevasse’s entry point by lighting an explosive in a McLaren blood bag. The flare explodes over the snow. Peter and Monique are able to see the marker and then use nitro to blow the crevasse, opening up access to the survivors. They drop a rope and Vaughn harnesses Annie.

Wick is lowered into the cave and Vaughn is afraid that Wick might attack Vaughn if he tries to attack him. Wick attaches a clip. Monique and Peter try to pull Annie out of the crevasse but an ice rock is thrown down and knocks Wick and Vaughn off the crevice ledge. Annie and Peter are taken down by Peter. The result is a scene similar to the opening scene. Monique is the only one left on the ledge. She holds the rope that the four others hang from. Wick took off the rope to save Annie and Peter, and to get revenge on Vaughn as well, and he and Vaughn both fall to their deaths.

After a rest at the base camp, Annie reconciles with Peter and is buried at a temporary memorial for climbers who have died.

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